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It is never too late!!!!

Indeed it is never too late to give a hand and… what a hand!!!!
Even this year, our friends – Daniele, Pierino, Giuseppe, Sandra, Maria, Dora and Rosa – have decided to give a hand, this time in Addis Ababa. The gentlemen were busy with different kind of works: wroth iron, tiles, electricity.etc… while the ladies spent their time with niddle, tread and sewing machine: uniforms for the children in Tonj, uniform for the children di Addis Ababa, courtains for two dormitories in Bole, etc…
What a beauty to see them at work, always smiling, always ready to answer “YES” to any request! For them the age is not a problem because…. finche’ c’e’ vita c’e’ speranza!!.

There is also Ornella: she is part of the group….  a volunteer “super”  who is really one of us and helps us wherever there a need.

Thank you dear friends… May God bless you and keep you healthy and smiling.

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