Africa, South Sudan

News from Gumbo – refugees in UN Camp and in our Mission

Dear Fathers, brothers and Sisters

This is the real situation in UN Camp at JUBA. There are not many facilities and people are still suffering: from our parish we have almost 200 people who are staying in UN, most of them suffer with sickness and lack of food. We have visited them along with Caritas sisters and did a bit of medical treatment and distributed/shared the little that we have with them.

At present we have more than 250 people  (mostly children and Mothers) who are staying in our Don Bosco Senior secondary school as refugees and among them there are more than 15 pregnant ladies. They are all coming from MOGIRI, MANGALLA, BOR, MALAKAL. Some of them have walked 10 days, 12 days, 4 or 5 days etc… each of them has her/his own story to tell, of course its a pathetic journey. Some of them don’t even have anything to look for, no clothes, or anything …. all that they possess is what they are wearing. Some of them didn’t even eat anything for some days.

united in prayers

Fr. Tuli
Here are some photos  of the people’s arrival at Don Bosco Secondary School, JUBA

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