Africa, South Sudan

VISIT to the UN camp in JUBA (2)

The following is another bit of information from the Parish Priest of Gumbo who, together with Sr. Teresa, Sr. Bibiana and Sr. Aleksandra, went to visit those parishoners who are seeking refuge in the UN camp of Juba. He writes…. 
Dear Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Friends
 Greetings from St. Vincent de Paul parish, Salesians of Don Bosco, Gumbo.
I don’t know, whether to say, we are happy to send u these pictures or to be sad, but we would like to ask of you to pray for these people.
Today, along with our Salesian sisters, I had been to UN Camp to visit our parish people . Life seems to be very hard and why this suffering at the time of Christmas???? These were the questions were being asked when we visited them.
We have taken along with us, Mats, Rice, Addas, beans, Sugar, wheat flower, Blankets, we managed to distribute to our parish faithful who are residing in UN. (of course, we too shared with some young people)
One thing made me to ask is: “We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving then, why there is lot of suffering?”, One of the small kid in his innocence asked me, “abuna when shall we come back to the church???”
Dear Friends, let us pray, so that these kind of things may  come to an end. Prayer can change everything.
thanks a lot and God bless you all
Fr. Tuli SDB

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