Africa, South Sudan

Impressions after the visit to the UN camp in Juba (South Sudan)

Fr David Tilimelli SDB, the Parish Priest, of Gumbo (Juba), wrote this message after his visit to the parishioners that are hiding in the UN camp in Juba.

Dear Fathers, brothers and sisters

Greetings from St. Vincent de Paul parish, Salesians of Don Bosco Gumbo.

Learn from the mistakes of others…you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!” Are we learning from Histroy????

Here are the few attachments that we are sending, when the people were with us in Gumbo, please do pray for these people who are suffering in our country.

On 26th of December, along with Caritas sisters and Sr. Bibiana FMA and Myself had been to UNMISS compound at JUBA.

It was indeed a moving experience. We had carried along with us some cartoons of water, Biscuit packets etc….(some children were shouting in Arabic: ABUNA, ZA which means Father Came)

It was so sad to see people suffering, even in UN, people have to buy water, One Jerry can of water costs 1 pound, those who can afford they buy, others have to wait until somebody provides…. A human life is very much questioned?

I was surprised to see the amount of people who are suffering, even from our parish, we had seen some of the youth and children at the UNMISS campus, they were happy to see me.

“God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.” I believe God is present in them too.

We request your sincere prayers.

May God protect these innocent people. God bless us and bless this country.

I will attach some more pics.

Thanks a lot

Fr. Tuli SDB

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