Africa, South Sudan

Driving from Juba to Gumbo (South Sudan)

It is the fourth time, since I arrived in Juba few days ago, that I drive from the Capital to Gumbo and viceversa. Today I took few photos to tell you that – apparently – life runs as usual in the Capital but, for those who are familiar with Juba, there is a quiter atmosphere than usual. There is not traffic, many stalls in the market are empty, many huts have been abandoned and the many young people, who in holiday time would fill the playground of the Parish, seem to have vanished. But in spite of this, the Churches were still full during the Christmas Celebrations and each Mass in our Diocesis ended with the singing of the National Anthem.
Come on SOUTH SUDAN you can make it!!!! Continue to believe in UNITY and HARMONY and to appreciate the richness of differences….OH GOD BLESS SOUTH SUDAN!!!!

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