Africa, South Sudan

MAZZARELLO Women Promotion

On the 1st of October there is going to be the official opening of “Mazzarello Women Promotion Centre” in Gumbo (Juba). In reality the centre started long ago with the aposotolic zeal of Sr. Rosaria Assandri,  her community and some volunteers, but now that -Thanks to BANKUORE – the building is finished and well fournished, the activities of agriculture, sawing, letteracy and cooking are going to have an official beginning. Sr. Bibiana is now in charge of the activities, helped by the community and by good teachers.

Unfortunately when we took the photos, the ladies were not present in the Centre but we promise you that, soon, we will show you Mazzarello Women Promotion Centre  in full activity!!!

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1 thought on “MAZZARELLO Women Promotion”

  1. congratulazioni alle sisters ai volontari e a tutti i benefattori e organizzazioni che hanno contribuito a realizzare questa bella misssione .per il BENE della gente…. Buona misssione li in Gumbo!!!!!

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