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Happy Easter!! from Sr. Nieves

 Dear sisters,

From Jerusalem I want to wish you a very happy Easter… Jesus is RISEN and He is sending us to recognize him in Galilea… in the ordinary life of every day!!!!

image005 Yesterday night I have the privilege to participate in the Easter Vigil celebrate in the salesian Chapel… The Mass was celebrated by the Archbishop of Addis Abeba, Abune Berhanayesus and Abune Moses…  They are here in the Holy Land in a pilgrimage with 30 people… they will bring on Tuesday the big image of Mary to the Basilica of the Nativity in Nazaret…

It was very beautiful because the church was full of young people… more than hundred, no one expected so many!!!… all of them are living here in Jerusalem… all of them came from Etiopia and Eritrea crossing Sudan, the desert, Egypt… They arrived to Israel trying to improve their living conditions… and they are working like cleaners, cooks…  One of them, who finished the Degree in Archeology at Addis Abeba University, during the supper and the coffee ceremony,  was telling me how they struggled in the desert and how many of them died crossing it…

image006 (1)For them it is the first time in many years to have the. Mass in their own language and their own geez rite…

It was so impressive for me to be here in Jerusalem, where the Easter was celebrate some weeks ago, and to pray with them, to listen the geez songs and to celebrate the Easter Mass with the Archbishop and with this big group of young catholic people, that are struggling to go ahead… They felt at home and really, after some years, it was a very big gift for them to celebrate the Vigil Mass

Happy Easter for each of you… Jesús is risen… let us proclaim his love with our testimony from the quotidian live.

God bless each of you!

sr nieves

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