Institute of the FMA, South Sudan

Christmas in WAU

Yesterday morning,  the communities of Tonj and Wau celebrated Christmas together.

After the Eucharistic celebration, they gathered in the kitchen (the biggest room in the house!) to sing Christmas carols. Between one song and the other, each one of them shared the answer to one question: “If you were to be part of the crib what or who would you choose to be? A star… a shepherd… the manger or maybe…. Baby Jesus?”  They spent a lovely and homely time together and these are some of the photos….

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4 thoughts on “Christmas in WAU”

  1. Happy to see the photografphs. Lovely to celebrate Cristmas in such a lovely way.
    May the coming of the Lord fill you with Joy and Peace, the gifts proper of this holy Season.
    I pray that they may be yours evenduring the New Year.
    Lots of prayers and
    Sr. Giovanna Pesenti

  2. Thanks for sharing Chirstmas celebrations and events in the mission (They are the Champions) etc. Very inspiring. Have a Blessed Christmas.
    Sr. Ninet

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