inspiring story, Institute of the FMA

Sr. Fernandes Juliana Helen R.I.P.

8423274_CDLG_SC_SR-FERNANDES-JULIANA-HELEN-FMA_9th-Dec-2012-jpgThe Indian missionaries of South Sudan mourn the loss of a great mind and heart. Our pioneers Sr. Josephine, Sr.Teresa Manakalyatt, Sr.Miriam and Sr.Celestina recall with great love the earliest accompaniment of Mother Helen when they first entered the Sudan and even more her care and concern in the early years of the war. Today we in Wau remember Mother Helen as the provincial who visited this place and has left her touch and her memories in our hearts. Personally I feel so grateful to have known Mother Helen and for the role she played in my own life. I remember her with so much love because she carried with her a lot of tenderness…..She visited our families and her visits to our communities were indeed joyful occasions. Mother Helen’s wish on my first profession read thus: RELIGIOUS LIFE IS A ROMANCE OF LOVE – MAGNIFICAT IS ITS SONG. MAY YOU LIVE THE THRILL OF THIS LIFE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT. I have no doubt that she lived this herself and today I am certain she enjoys the fullness of this thrill in God’s presence. Dear Mother Helen we in South Sudan ask your intercession for this new born country, we thank you for the courage to venture out into Project Africa since 1983, we remember you as a heroine of the forefront and we ask you to pray for us for the daring and vision to forge ahead in the spirit of our founders. We salute you and we say Adieu….you were special and will always be remembered so.May your soul rest in peace and in the fullness of life.
Sr. Dolores Alphonso

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