Africa, EASTER 2012, Ethiopia

Day of spirituality for for teachers and workers

In preparation to Easter, Sr. Celine organized a day of reflection for all the teachers and workers of our school in Bole but she extended the invitation to our school in Addis A. It was held on Holy Thursday, in the “St. Francis” Major Seminary and Fr. Grum Tesfaye, Provincial of the Jesuit, was invited to share two meditations. He began his reflection from God’s creation and went on till he reached Christ’s Resurrection. The participants (sisters included!) had the opportunity to deepen the topic and to share their ideas. The meetings ended with a delicious lunch. All those present belonging to different churches and professing different religions, expressed the desire to have more often meetings like this one, at least three times per year, because they are very important for their life. Not all the teachers and members of the schools staff knew each other but they managed to create a very familiar atmosfere among them.
Our sincere THANKS to brother Cesare who offered the transport to our teachers of Bole.

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