Ethiopia, Religious life

The gift of POVERTY

From the 20th to the 222nd of April we had a seminar on the vow of poverty, organized by the Pre-Province for the Sisters of  temporary vows. It was very enriching, enjoyable and refreshing! Sr. Roberta and Sr. Ruth guided us throughout the whole experience. We looked at poverty from the biblical and charismatical point of view. We had time to reflect on some passages of the Gospel, some aspects of the life of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello and on our constitutions. The symbol we referred to during the days was an empty cup to remind us that we need to empty ourselves if we want Jesus to fill us with the richness of His life within us. He is our only “Good”…. We do no have any good apart from Him, as Psalm 15 says. We had time to listen, to reflect personally and to share our family experience and the journey we are doing in our communities. We departed with the commitment to meditate and pray the articles of our Constitutions so to be able to clarify our choices a FMA. We would like to express our gratitude to Sr. Roberta and Sr. Ruth for their availability and the self-giving, especially during these three days spent with us. We wish you God’s Blessing in your service! Sr. Behrane, Sr. Filseta, Sr. Netsanet and Sr. Tsige!

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