Africa, Don Bosco

A disappointing experience for the Salesian family in Sudan

urna of Don Bosco

This is what Brother Comino, SDB, wrote about the disappointing experience:

Dearest All,
the Urna of DB was  ALREADY LOADED IN THE AIRPLANE that from Ruanda was supposed to fly to Khartoum. The departure for Khartoum was scheduled at 4pm. At 2,30 pm the chief commander of Khartoum airport sent a message to the  pilot who was supposed to fly the plane to  Khartoum saying  that the airplane could not  land in KHT airport. They asked the reason for the sudden change but there was not reply. Our good and dedicated public relation Saverio Pasquale met people in different ministeries and all of them sent him to different offices. This morning, Sunday 15th of January he met the one in charge of  the current affairs office of the president and he gave the permission but without the permit of landing received from the Airport, even with this special permission, the plane cannot land. 
In less than two hours from the supposed arrival of Don Bosco, in order not to make things more complicated than what they were, it was decided that the Urna would fly directly to Juba. So the people in the south Sudan will enjoy the Urna for few more days.
Even if the Urna will not land in the Republic of Sudan, DB has already come during the period of preparation for its welcome. A group of young people with a salesian and a parish priest, not salesian, but more enthusiastic and committed than we salesians are, went to different parishes of KHT diocese to animate the faithful to this event’.

Even if the Urna physically is not coming, the program prepared for welcoming the URNA will be implemented as we planned. Instead of the URNA we will bring a small statue with a relique of DB, in all the places we had planned: the Nuncio will celebrate a Mass in the salesian parish of St Joseph and another mass will be celebrated by the Cardinal in the cathedral.  We had already told the people that it would not have been easy to get the permission from the Government so that they could be prepared.

I am sure that Don Bosco seeing the efforts, the zeal and the good will of all of us in preparing his coming to Sudan will bless us with a particular blessing and great miracles will happen. This event will be a glorious event in the Salesian history of Sudan.”

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