Welcome among us!!

This is the beginning of a shared adventure

We wish to share with you  the richness and the beauty of our mission

We are a group of Daughters of Mary of Christian or Salesian Sisters who share the same passion for the education of the young people according to the Preventive System, as Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello taught us.
We are many, spread all over the world, but about fifty of us live and work in three beautiful Countries of Africa: Ethiopia, South Sudan and Sudan.
Our mission is extremely fascinating and for this reason we want to share it with you.


8 thoughts on “Welcome among us!!”

    1. Thank you Sr. Igina, I am really glad that you like it. Sr. Lourdes is looking after the graphic part of the blog but all of us, you too, are supposed to contribute with news and photographs.

  1. Thank you Sr Roberta…it’s beautiful to feel we are a family, to see the news of other communities and to feel that wherever we are we are at home.

    1. I am happy you like it but…. do not thank me because this is a joined adventure! Sr. Lourdes is taking care of the graphic part and all of us are supposed to contribute to the blog, just as you have done today! Thank you.

  2. May God bless all the sisters, all the children, all the people of this lovely Pre-Province!!

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